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“Mystery shopping”

“Mystery shopping”
Your employees are really great ... in your presence, and how do they act when you are absent? Is your staff polite and obliging? Are your goods and services offered with proper care and attention? Are you sure that your employees do not spend their work time reading, or sitting at a PC?
We can confirm your fears or reason them away with the help of our “Mystery Shopper”!
Our employee, specially trained for this occasion, will put a veil of a normal costumer and gather all the necessary information about your staff.
He will:

  • evaluate the appearance of your staff and test their abilities to sell / offer the goods
  • ask additional questions, prepared by you in advance and measure the knowledge in the required sphere
  • make a conversation record or a photo illustration

You will get a neutral and objective report on the work of your staff that will allow you to see the true picture of your business, shop, cafe, restaurant, etc.
Using this report, you will be able to evaluate the work of your team more effectively, rewarding them, or imposing a fine. The result of the check will perfectly motivate your staff to improving the quality of their work.

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