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Latvijas Reitingi


Merchandising Services on Latvian Market

Does your situation looks like this? You supply goods to all the major Latvian networks, but you shudder at the way your products look on the shelves.  Do you have a large staff of merchandisers, whom you would like to teach? Would you like to optimize the expenses on maintaining personal merchandisers?

Our company offers you a wide range of services, which will allow you to solve all the above mentioned problems and improve the quality of your sales.

  • Merchandising. We will help you in arranging your goods on the shelves: once (during the sales promotion), or permanently (using our merchandisers and our schedule of visiting the major stores)
  • We will organize and conduct training of your merchandisers and sales representatives, prepare teaching materials, and explain the art of arranging the goods, finding the best places, and the procedure of filling the shelves.
  • In addition, our merchandisers and / or specialists can check and evaluate the performance of your sales representatives, conduct a questionnaire on “Fulfilling the Key Work Responsibilities” among the senior salesmen.


We offer our services not only to big trade companies. We have a very flexible discount system for education and training, and merchandising programs that can cover either large commercial networks or small retail outlets, or both at once. As a result, even an entrant firm, or a company with a small volume of sales can afford our services.

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