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Consulting – is a detailed analysis of a situation in the company affairs, and giving effective advice on introducing further changes to improve financial profitability and managerial efficiency of the company. Consulting services allow you to be able to look at a situation from the outside and make measured and objective evaluation. As a result, you will be able to take the most effective means to solve your problem and open a door to the new world of possibilities.

Usually, the source of most of the company problems is either its intensive growth, or stagnation and market change. It is often accompanied by emotional stress, especially if it involves reduction of staff. During this period the company owners (or managers) feel a strong necessity in a so-called “doctor”, who would stay aside the organisation and its inner private interests, and give unbiased assessment of the current state of the company, indicating at the causes of crisis and finding the ultimate solution.

The first step in providing any kind of consulting services is giving assessment to the current state of the company affairs, going deeply to the heart of the matters, and getting acquainted with the existing problems, and views of all the concerned parties. Keeping in mind that all the people involved in the business process (company owners, managers, employees, creditors, debtors, the local administration, etc.) have their own often divergent interests, is a recipe for success.

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