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Price List

The cost of accounting services depends on the volume of documentation and the average number of business transactions per month, as well as on the following factors:
o type of commercial activity
o the number of structural units of the enterprise
o the number of employees
o the number of fixed assets
o the number of required reports
o complexity of transactions
o additional administrative services (according to client’s will)

Our company is interested in long-term cooperation, and thus, the cost of the services is determined by the average number of document flow per month, and could be advanced only if the volume of documentation is significantly increased. If you sign a contract for accounting services, you receive such services as consulting, testing of primary documents, their processing and registration, as well as the preparation and submission of progress reports to the SRS free of charge.
Price for inactive companies is 20 EUR + VAT per month.
Value for services may be set by reciprocal agreement of the parties.
Price List for Accounting Services

Number of component jobs per month                          

Price in EUR

0 - 10 accounting transaction per month

50 + VAT

11 - 30 accounting transaction per month

50-70 + VAT

31 - 50 accounting transaction per month

70-100 + VAT

51 -100 accounting transaction per month

100-150 + VAT

101 - 150 accounting transaction per month

150-225 + VAT / per month

151 -180 accounting transaction per month

225-270 + VAT / per month

181 - 210 accounting transaction per month

270-315+ VAT / per month

211   -250 accounting transaction per month

315-370 + VAT / per month

If the number of component jobs per month is higher than 250, the value is set by reciprocal agreement of the parties.

Additional Expenses, Settled by the Agreement:
- The cost of annual report is equal to the cost of average monthly services for the accounting purposes, but no less than 50 EUR + VAT
- Operating balance 30 EUR + VAT
- Accounting treatment development (chart of accounts, accounting methods, accounting policies, etc.) from 30 to 60 + VAT (one-time fee)
- Statistical statements – 15 EUR + VAT (for a statement)
- Itinerary sheets design from 15 EUR + VAT per month for a vehicle
- Representation of your business in relations with the SRS on accounting issues and thematic inspections -15 EUR + VAT per hour

  • Bank payments – subject to the number of payments
  • Preparing additional monthly and annual reports for the company’s management team – subject to the complexity of the report
  • Reconstruction of accounting entries – subject to the work volume
  • Advice on consulting and taxation – 35 EUR + VAT per hour (free of charge for clients who signed the contract for accounting services)


You can receive more precise information about the cost of accounting services per month after giving us your accounting records for a review.

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